YES! We have NO bananas

Salomee Speelt creates a new Cabaret with songs and sketches from the 1920s till now about money, the world financial crisis, the 99%, the recession, the depression the world nowadays?! Let's be gay even when we are broke with songs and jokes from Weill, Hollaender, Spolianski and the sweatshop poet Morris Rosenfeld! We sing in French, English, German, Yiddish and Flemish.

YES! We have no bananas will make you laugh and reflect, sing along and engage you to think and feel that Money still makes the world go around...

In coproduction with the Arenbergschouwburg

Due to crisis, there was no support from anyone financially to create this show...


Concept                                        Noemi Schlosser

On stage                                       Kevin van Staeyen and Noemi Schlosser

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