Une Education Manquee /Chabrier

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"With this joyous double-bill performance of ‘Le Mariage aux Lanternes’/Offenbach and ‘Une éducation manquée’/Chabrier, the Jerusalem Opera finally welcomes her audience back into a magical, feathered world of chatter, prattle, twitter and gossip.

Unrequited love, jealousy, misunderstanding, and... too much wine lead the way for an evening of high-tempo entertainment. When our love birds, finally reunited, end up celebrating their wedding night, they realize how clueless they are about what nuptial intimacy actually entails. Their endearing clumsiness will make you tear up... from laughter. And this is a promise."

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When the Jerusalem Opera invited me to create this double-bill performance with these two rather unknown operettas, I was excited... but also a little frightened. Why are these two pieces relatively unknown? Is there something wrong with them? Are they not relevant? 

Nothing of all the above, just as ‘La Colombe’ back in 2019, these two pieces turned out to be two little gems thrown onto my lap, for me to polish and stage for your delight and enjoyment, and much to my own pleasure as well!

To enhance the delicious human behavior - and misbehavior - of the characters in these pastoral settings I decided to imagine them as birds. A young testosterone-filled, boasting teenage Rooster who wants to crow louder than he actually can and who has a hard time showing his love for our tender, very clueless, and virgin Dove. 

Two man-hungry widows (a Peacock and a Dodo) chasing romance one moment and money the next. Sometimes friends, sometimes enemies, these lonely ‘frenemies’ don’t shy away from a good catfight, pecking and tearing out each other's feathers. 

And finally the wise Master Owl ‘our voice of reason’, who more often than not behaves like a drunk mad hatter. He appears like a deus ex machina simply to disappear again, a moment later, just as a magician would.

All these birdlike elements really made my head spin with creative opportunities and gave me the freedom to go more towards a fairytale, magical setting rather than the regular farmhouse setting. This will also be reflected in the costume choices Liat Golan and I created for our aviary. After the creative starvation of the last corona year, we wanted to go big or go home and decided for a Marie Antoinette, Rococo-esque styling of our French ‘macaroon’ characters, sexy, beautiful, over the top, detailed, colorful, with feathers and lace and bows and even more ribbons than good taste would allow!


Une Education Manquee / CHABRIER

0.00 Overture

5.10 Chanson Le petit Roussillon aria

10.51 Lettre Aria

16.31 Duetto

23.14 Scene

25.44 Duetto Bouffo

31.51 Couplets

35.26 Duo

42.59 Finale


Musical Director and Conductor - Omer Arieli

Stage Director - Noémi Schlosser


Guillot - Inbal Brill

Fanchette - Tali Ketzef

Catherine - Yekaterina Chepelova

Pausanias - Yuri Kissin

Denise – Shai Yaacobovich

Grévin – Dan Michaud (actor)

Creative Team

Set design and Props - Noemi Schlosser

Costumes  - Liat Golan

Light design & sound - Evgeny Yanov

Assistant - Rivka Toledano

Production - Slava Kozodoi

Pictures  Elad Zagman

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