Le Bel Indifferent -Transit Jean Cocteau

(Jean Cocteau) 
(coproduction with Raamtheater)

This coproduction of Salomee Speelt and Raamtheater takes an entirely new approach to Jean Cocteau’s well-known play. Two women reflect on their stories, which take place in an anonymous hotel. One of the women waits in vain for some kind of reaction or attention from her lover. When no response whatsoever is forthcoming she resumes her painful course. While she sets out her dramatically  naive and unintentionally humorous plea she whispers, cries out and sighs to a man who blissfully indifferent just goes on reading his newspaper. The other woman has lost everything, and can no longer face up to her lover. She starts to sing on her own and in doing so tells us her story... This time we are returned to the nineteen-fifties, and the audience becomes party to a voyeuristic glimpse of life in the hotel. Both women are IN TRANSIT and this time, after some thought, take their fate into their own hands. Each in their own way.

Interaction and non-interaction with audiovisual elements created by documentary-maker Eddie van der Velden (the man who made the prize-winning “A film about a band”) lend life and significance to the high tech transit zone and heightens the voyeuristic experience of the audience. The use of film, monitors, computers, a variety of audiovisual techniques combined with the projected images of Vitalski help the audience to explore the transit zone in which the two leading actresses move as if it were a film set. Opera singer Valerie Vervoort sings texts by Verlaine. They tell their own story.


Concept                     Noemi Schlosser
Elle                            Noemi Schlosser
Singer                        Valerie Vervoort
Piano                         David van Looveren
Starring                      Laurent Popowski, Sura Dohnke, Bram van Graafland
Film                           Eddie van der Velden
Emil                           Vitalski
Coaching                    Steven van Watermeulen
Assisting director        Gitje Bolsens
Dramaturg                  Gitje Bolsens
Light                          Anton Devilder
Setbuilder                   Luc van Riel
Costume                    Tereze Brichart
Poster Image              Frieda Vanhauweart

Original play by            Jean Cocteau
Music compositions by Poulainc, Debussy, Faure, Dhelius, Christoph, composition Mireille Capelle
Translation                   Noemi Schlosser with the support of Clara van den Broeck


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