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TRAKTORFABRIK  is a dark tragicomedy inspired by the war diaries of Russian war journalist and writer Vasily Grossman.

After a bombardment three soldiers end up trapped in an underground bunker, connection station Traktorfabrik.

These three very different characters will spend their last few days and hours together sharing their little stories and their deepest secrets.

TRAKTORFABRIK is a  magic realistic war tale without a Happy End.

This music theater production is a coproduction between artists from Vienna, Berlin and Antwerp. TRAKTORFABRIK reunites the ever-present theme of war with absurd humor in a fascinating play for three actors and an electro-acoustic space.

A play with Ludo Hoogmartens, Jobst Schnibbe and Jonas de Vuyst. Written and directed by Noémi Schlosser, music Thomas Gerwin, scenography Julia Rommel, dramaturgy Korneel Hamers.

Poster image Petr Schlosser

TRAKTORFABRIK is inspired by the war diaries of Vasily Grossman and research on testimonies, letters, and diaries  ( civilians, soldiers, and partisans) who lived through WW1 and WW2, the Balkan war, the Spanish war etc.

In Coproduction with the ' European Ministry for Favourite Songs' and the Arenbergschouwburg and the European Partners in Hamburg, Berlin, Vienna, OFFValencia and Cosenza. 

With the support of the European Union.


Premiere Octobre 8 2014 - 20.30 u Arenberg

9, 10 Octobre - 2, 3 December 2014 - 20.30 Arenberg 



with the support of the European Union, The Flemish Government, The city of Antwerp, the ROI community and  Amicom

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