THE YOUTH OF 1948 PROJECT - Documentary   


Noemi Schlosser is currently interviewing the 'YOUTH OF 1948' who built the State of Israel. She travels with her camera across this country to talk to these men and women who were part of the Hagana and the Palmach, who survived the siege of Jerusalem or were working the land as kibbutsnikim. These interviews will be donated to the National Library of Jerusalem for archival purposes. A new website will be created with photographic portraits by New York photographer Aviva Klein, sharing with you their anecdotes from these historic times, seen from the kitchen, the refugee camp, the kibbuts, the battlefield and the coffee shops of Ben Yehuda in Tel Aviv. The portraits will also be part of a travelling photo exhibit.

Our partner and Fiscal Sponsor (501C3)  The Israel Forever Foundation will build under the expertise of Professor Elana Heideman a complete Educational Package  which will be available online. More soon.

“We had nothing, but we were happy. We were not thinking about our personal future. We were building a future for all... Bigger than ourselves. We build our country”



Madame Ruth Dayan, Poet and 1948 Icon Haim Guri & wife Aliza Guri, Military expert and Nuclear Scientist Amos Horev, Theater Writer Joshua Sobol and  Ambassador Avi Primor but also Daisy Koeb, Shimshon Gelobter, AnYa Engel, Judith Glicksman, Yehudit Stein-Zalmanson, Anna Levy Bentsur, Yochevet Moshe, Ettie Lurie, Israel Stockman, Tamar Naveh and many others, with a foreword and conclusion by Professor Dan Sheuftan 




Where your parents or grandparents part of the ' Youth of 1948' and do they want to be interviewed?

Contact Noemi Schlosser : Youthof1948Project@gmail.com



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