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Monte Carlo in the 1920’s. The Countess Sylvie and Maitre Jean conspire to acquire Horace’s magnificent pet dove. Horace has lost his entire fortune gambling at the Casino, in a failed attempt to impress the Countess Sylvie, his heart’s desire. However all his attempts to woe her have thus far been unsuccessful. In her efforts to get her hands on the dove, Sylvie arrives unexpectedly at Horace’s shed and invites herself to dinner. The impoverished Horace, unable to put together a suitable meal for his sweetheart, despairingly decides to sacrifice his beloved pet dove and serve it as the main course. But the plot takes a surprising turn… A light-hearted and entertaining story ending with a twist.


Director notes

The opera “La Colombe” has a very funny but rather sparse storyline, which allows me the opportunity to colour it with my imagination and add some unexpected side plots and comic twists. I am placing the opera in Monte Carlo in the 1920s. The slightly depressed Horace has lost all his money at the casino, trying to impress the countess Sylvie. Mazet, Horace’s goddaughter, has some deep but secret feelings towards the unlucky man. Meanwhile a pretentious Russian prince in exile - with a name too difficult to pronounce therefore nicknamed Maitre Jean - connives with Sylvie on how to purloin Horace’s last treasure: a dove once kissed by Sylvie. By giving the two original Commedia dell’arte ‘servant’ characters - Mazet and Maitre Jean - more CHUTZPAH, we elevate them and create a storyline between them. Thus, not only enabling them to pursue their goal of serving their respective masters, but also having a personal storyline to play out.

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0 -  00.00- Ouverture                                                                                                                                        

1 -  4.30- Romance, Apaiser Blanche Colombe (Mazet)                                                

2 - 13.43- Romance et Trio, Qu’il garde son argent (Mazet Horace Jean)           

3 -  20.00- Ariette, Les amoureux (Jean)                                     

4 -  26.22- Air, Je veux interroger ce jeune homme (Sylvie)                                  

5 -  34.20- Couplets, Ah! Les femmes! (Mazet)                                  

6 -  39.30- Terzetto, O vision enchanteresse! (Sylvie Horace Mazet)         

7 -  44.14- Quator, O douce Joie ! (Sylvie, Horace, Mazet, Jean)


Entre’acte -  49.00-

8 Air -  53.15- Le grand art de la cuisine (Jean)                                  

9 Duo -  1.00.30- Il faut d abords dresser la table (Mazet, Horace)                 

10 Romance -  1.10.20- Que des rêves charmants (Sylvie)                               

11 Madrigal - 1.16.50- Ces attraits qu’on admire (Horace)

12 Quartettino -  1.21.00- Déjà son cœur semble souscrire (Sylvie, Horace, Mazet Jean) 

13 Duo -  1.24.30- Combien je vous rends grâce (Sylvie Horace)                    

14 Final -  1.31.05- Sylvie Mazet Horace (Jean)                                


The Jerusalem Opera presents

Director                 Noemi Schlosser

Conductor             Omer Arieli and the Jerusalem opera Orchestra

Mazet                    Liesbeth Devos

Sylvie                     Avigail Gurtler Har Tuv

Maitre Jean            Yuri Kissin

Horace                   Ofri Gross

Costume                Liat Golan

Set and props        Noemi Schlosser

Assistant                Danielle Boggio

Pictures                  Yaniv Nadav

We want to thank the Flemish Government for their financial support in the creation of this opera production.


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