Sound of Silence Jean Cocteau


Recognize that ego destroying moment when you are caught up in an argument, unable to utter a single word, dumbstruck...! And then, later, alone in bed, you know exactly what you should have replied. Who hasn’t lived through those satisfying thoughts of humiliating the interlocutor with one simple word? Imagine scratching the paint of his car, cutting up his favorite suit, or allowing the neighbor’s cat to pee in his most expensive shoes... Our actress has an internal monologue where, for the first and final time, she will be able to spit out her guts and take an emotional revenge on her abusive lover.Written by Jean Cocteau in 1940, this play will surprise you with its wit and passion. Noémi Schlosser will dazzle within a multimedia setting, an electronical soundscape, and an intense interpretation.

in coproduction with ShPiel, Chicago, Theatre of Identity

With the support of the Flemish Government


Concept                                Noemi Schlosser

Coaching                              JP Gerrits

She                                       Noemi Schlosser

Music                                    Tim Vets

Movie                                     Eddie van der Velden

Emil                                       Vitalski

Animations                             Guido Verelst for Deepfocus


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