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Through monologues a brother and sister reflect on their lives and the choices they made. In search of a better life they left Warsaw during the Thirties for places where the grass would always be greener, Moscow for the sister, New York for the brother. He wanted to be somebody. She believed in the socialist ideology. He took his chances on a capitalist society. 
Years later they meet again in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge. An imaginary Jewish-American wedding provides the setting for self-confrontation and a touching reunion, while a live soundtrack by the best Russian and American composers of the first half of the previous century accompanies them. Regret, bitterness and pain alternate with universal laws like roots, blood ties and the love between siblings…

This musical theatre production is supported by edited images and film. The musicians of Quartet Enigma interpret a repertory from Shostakovich to Gershwin on stage. Opera soprano Valerie Vervoort presents vocal impressions of this poignant but hopeful story. Inspiration for this Jewish drama is the work of Nobel Prize winner Isaac Singer as well as the theatre makers, Noémi Schlosser, own family saga and life experiences. She has both struggled with and been surprised by the tragic but enriching history of her Jewish ancestors, who belonged to the artistic and trendsetting elite of pre-war Prague. 

In coproduction with the Arenbergschouwburg and the Cultural Year For Jewish Culture of Antwerp

With the support of the Province of Antwerp and the Flemish Government as well as the City of Antwerp for the New York tour in 2011.


Concept                             Noemi Schlosser

Coaching                            JP Gerrits

Assistant                           Femke Heyens

Sister                                 Noemi Schlosser

Brother                               Han Kerckhoffs / American tour Korneel Hamers

Piano                                  Nicolas Callot

Violin                                  Eliot Lawson

Soprano                              Valerie Vervoort

Cello                                   David Cohen

Viola                                   Frederik Bloits

Movies and animations         Guido Verelst for Deepfocus

Light                                   Zita Gerenday

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