L'Enfant et les sortil├Ęges/ Ravel

A Production of the Buchmann Mehta School of Music


Part 1

This is the story of a rude child who is reprimanded by the objects in his room, which he has been destroying. After being scolded by his mother in the beginning of the opera, the child throws a tantrum, destroying the room around him and harming the animals nearby. He is then surprised to find that the unhappy objects in his room come to life. The furniture and decorations begin to talk; even his homework takes shape as it becomes an old man and a chorus of numbers. They all sing out the pain and misery that the child inflicts on them and their wishes to punish him for his misdeeds.

Part 2

The bedroom becomes a garden filled with singing animals and plants which have been tortured by the child. The child attempts to make friends with the animals and plants, but they shun him because of the injuries he did to them earlier, before they could talk. They leave him aside, and in his loneliness, he eventually cries out "Maman". At this, the animals turn on him and attack him in an act of vengeance, but they wind up jostling among each other as the child is tossed aside. At the culmination, a squirrel is hurt, which causes the other animals to stop fighting. The child bandages the squirrel's wound and collapses exhausted. Seeing this act of kindness, the animals have a change of heart toward the child, and decide to try to help him home. They mimic the cry of "Maman", carry the child back to his house, and sing in praise of the child. The opera ends with the child singing "Maman", as he greets his mother, in the very last bar of the score.




L'Enfant                                 Gülden Vildan Kavakl? / Netta Simchon

Maman                                  Hanna Rogovoy

La Bergere                             Rim Awad

La Tasse Chinoise                 Yahav Dagan

Le Feu                                    Chen Wise / Naomi Bourla Levy

La Princesse                          Maya Sayag/ Shani Jacobi

Pastourelle/ La Chatte           Aya Sabia

Le Rossignol                          Naomi Bourla Levy 

La Chauffe Souris/ Un Patre  Yael Sieradzky

L Ecureuil                                Maya Sayag

L'Árbre/ le Chat                       Ezekiel Assia

Le Fauteuil                              Amit Sova

L'Horloge                                 Assaf Cohen

La Theiere                               Ohad Schlichter

L Aritmetique/ La Rainette       Alexander Rozvivez

L'Arbre/ le Chat                        Ezekiel Assia

A Production of the Buchmann Mehta School of Music

Head of Department Sharon Rostorf-Zamir

Concept                                    Julia Pevzner

Regie                                        Julia Pevzner and Noemi Schlosser

Conductor                                 Lior Balachness

Piano                                         Yi-An Xu

Costumes and Props                Roni Shavit Rivier

Set                                             Gai Hoffmann

Light                                           Dan Glazer

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