Le Bel Indifferent Central Station Jean Cocteau


Mireille Capelle sings Poulenc, Noemi Schlosser performs Cocteau and Vitalski keeps quiet for an hour. Piano by David van Looveren in a coaching by Steven van Watermeulen. 2 women, 2 stories, a couple of feet away from the traintracks. In a hotel room a woman waits for any reaction from her lover. When this seems in vain, a long agony begins for this woman who feels desperately lonely ... as she is about to dumped. In her dramatically naive and unwillingly funny monologue she will scream and whisper, shout and laugh at a man who undisturbed will continue the lecture of his newspaper.

The other woman has already lost everything; she does not even have the possibility to confront her lover. She will sing and hum her song and slowly reveal her secrets to the audience. Will they take their suitcases and leave with the next train, or will they stay on the train tacks to wave all their chances goodbye?

In coproduction with Zomer van Antwerpen, Antwerpen Open

With the support of the City of Antwerp

Morocco tour (2007) in Coproduction with Mr Ben Jeddi and  the support of the Flemish Government and the city of Marakkesh and the Festival de Marakkesh



Concept                        Noemi Schlosser           

Coaching                       Steven van Watermeulen

Elle                                Noemi Schlosser

Emil                               Vitalski

Soprano                         Mireille Capelle

Light                              Anton Devilder

Text                               Jean Cocteau

Music                            Poulainc, Debussy, Faure, Dhelius, Christoph, composition by Mireille Capelle



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