LA MUSICA Marguerite Duras

"Of all the things that are final, there is nothing more final than this…"
After a three year separation, a couple meets in the hotel where they lived when they first fell in love, but this time on the eve of finalizing their divorce decree. As night falls and their conversation unfolds, the depravity and hunger of their love is revealed; the infidelity, the violence, an intent to kill. Marguerite Duras describes her characters as being torn apart by the evil forces of passion, a passion that both nourished and destroyed their love. We will eavesdrop on this private conversation with strains of live jazz lingering through the performance.

In collaboration with the Alliance Française de Chicago


Concept                                    Noemi Schlosser

Director                                     Noemi Schlosser

She                                           Elisabeth Laidlaw

Him                                           John Gray

Saxophone                                 Brandon Campbell / Randall Carpenter

Text                                           Marguerite Duras 

Adaptation /translation                 Alice Austen

Set                                             Noemi Schlosser and Alice Austen



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