At times silly, at times exceedingly recognizable. Fasten your seatbelts; this sexy film noir is disguised in a painfully comical baby doll dress. BFF’s/rivals Naomi and Sara are prepared to scratch each others eyes for the leading role in Hollywood's blockbuster of the year. Will it suffice to arouse showbiz’s gentlemen and to compete with each others dizzying cleavages or will the ladies need to resort to “couch casting” and if they do, who will they join on the casting couch? Neither scriptwriter, producer nor director seems to mind female attention!

This interaction between cinema and theatre features razor sharp killer dialogues, seductive diva attitudes and hypocrisy with a dirty though stylish retro wink. The audience will also recognize several esteemed artists shamelessly doing their thing on the silver screen.

In coproduction with Arenbergschouwburg

With the support of the City of Antwerp


Concept                              Noemi Schlosser and Sura Dohnke

Noami Glass                       Noemi Schlosser

Sara Starr                           Sura Dohnke

Producer                             Manou Kersting

Writer                                 Michael Vergauwen

Johnny                                Axel Daeseleire

Director                               Robbe de Hert

Assistant                             Vitalski

Shanghai Girl                        Daisy Ip

Film                                     Guido Verelst with Deepfocus

Sound                                  Yvan De Beer

Light                                    Joris Ceuppens

Lingerie design                     Berit de Geyter

Technician                            Zita Gerenday

Text                                     Noemi Schlosser and Sura Dohnke

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