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Two dateless girlfriends (an olah and a sabarit) find themselves marooned at the bar of yet another wedding party. In an almost stand up comedic way, boldly and honestly they reminisce about their escapades and disappointments, their near-sex experiences, sink-into-the-ground moments and disasters.

Watch i24news tv report excerpts and interview of creator and cast HERE

English Premiere May 19 2016 OzenBar Tel Aviv

Hebrew Premiere June 2 2016 OzenBar Te Aviv

Upcoming shows : DATE ME TLV! is changing locations! Update on where and when soon!



Written and directed by Noemi Schlosser

Performed by Ayala Shiftan and Yifat Sharabi

Israel Forever blog radio interview Showcase


With thanks to Amber De Saeger (costumes) Daniel Hoffmann (pictures) Peter Monbailleu (posters) Dekel Eizenberg  (video) (music editing)

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