“We are prettier than most, more intelligent than average, we love sex. What the F*** is wrong with Chicago?”

Two dateless girlfriends find themselves marooned at the bar of yet another wedding party. In an almost stand up comedic way, boldly and honestly they reminisce about their escapades and disappointments, their near-sex experiences, and sink-into-the-ground moments and disasters.
Even though they won’t find the man of their lives this evening, you will have plenty to gloat about.
For sure, you’ll hear the latest and hottest gossip in town. You too will party-crash the wedding reception, have a dance or two and taste some Belgian beer.
And who knows YOU might even find someone to take home after the show!

In coproduction with ShPiel, Theater of Identity, Chicago

With the support of the Flemish Government and Orange Skin, Chicago


Concept                                 Noemi Schlosser

Noemi                                    Noemi Schlosser

Michelle                                 Michelle Slonim

DJ                                          Josh Odor / Brandon Galatz

Text                                       Noemi Schlosser and Michelle Slonim

Film                                       Kelsey Jorissen

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