It seems that finding the perfect partner is still possible these days, at least for everybody else. The proof? Yet another wedding party, with dinner, speeches and after party....Two dateless girlfriends find themselves marooned at the bar at yet another wedding party. They start telling each other about their escapades and disappointments, their near sex experiences and sink-into-the-ground moments and disasters. They are prettier than most, more intelligent than the rest, yet they don’t seem to get laid as much as the average. We watch them closely, between the courses of the wedding feast, during the speech of the bridesmaids, and the cutting of the wedding cake. Even though they won’t find the of their lives this evening, you will have had plenty to eat and drink and they will have had a good gossip, unburdened themselves, had a dance or two, and who knows, they might even find someone to take home afterwards.

In coproduction with Arenbergschouwburg

With the support of the City of Antwerp


Concept                     Noemi Schlosser and Sura Dohnke

Naomi                        Noemi Schlosser

Sara                           Sura Dohnke

DJ                              Axel Daeseleire or Michael Pas

Text                           Noemi Schlosser, Sura Dohnke and Ahsan Naeem

Light                          Anton Devilder

Costumes                   AF Vandervorst

Decor                         With the support and collaboration of Scoonwoon

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