Inspired on the work of Kafka, Carroll and Murakami

Somebody lied about “A”

She knew she had done nothing wrong

but even so, she’s under arrest.

Salomee Speelt explores a kaleidoscopic and alien world. Every evening logic and A-logic are carefully confused.

Motives and background.

Might something not be determined just as much by what it is not as by what it is?

Individual and Environment

Is what’s in your name what’s in your  home?

Nature and nurture

Does predictability mean that thinking is superfluous? Does the white rabbit always take the pre-metro home?

In Coproduction with Arenbergschouwburg

With the support of the City of Antwerp


Concept                            Noemi Schlosserµ

Coaching                          Gitje Bolsens

A                                      Noemi Schlosser, Erki de Vries, Tim Vets

Installation                         Erki de Vries

Music                                Tim Vets

Guitar, live electronics         Tim Vets

Piano                                 David Hermans

Drums                                Pieter van Tichelen

Light                                  Anton Devilder

Costumes                          Mikio Sakabe

Film                                   Ilke de Vries

Text                                   Camille Reynders


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