Who is Noemi Schlosser?

Noémi Schlosser is a writer, director, producer, and once upon a time performer. She started her "mix media' theatre company Salomee Speelt in 2004. The company brings together artists from a variety of milieu (film, music, visual arts, animation) and provides a dynamic forum for them to create innovative theatre.

Salomee Speelt works from a particular concept and is inspired by Russian Constructivism and Russian avant-garde film. Different elements (images, music, text) are juxtaposed in a collage that draws the viewers in and allows them to become active participants in creating the final story. By placing different media together to form a collage we let pictures, actors, music, and installations come together, sometimes forming a whole, sometimes opposing each other, like actors in dialogue. In this context, each viewer will inevitably have a different understanding of the whole story that is a function of personal ethics, emotions, and experiences. It allows the audience to assemble the pieces of the puzzle and solve it themselves. In the process, they experience something that becomes personal and therefore meaningful, instead of being only spectators.

We want to surprise our audiences with fresh approaches, characters, and virtuosity. For every presentation, we seek out the best possible actors, musicians, composers, and designers regardless of their own theatrical or artistic comfort zones. We do not want to let ourselves become pinned down by a fixed collaboration. 

Salomee Speelt makes no attempt to adhere to a particular style, either with respect to texts or themes. The ability to play repertory pieces in addition to our own scripts and to bring all kinds of material together is our greatest strength. We work with opera, electro, jazz, video-art, movies, animation, and visual art installations, both in theaters and on-location projects.

Salomee Speelt is preoccupied with three major themes:

  • people in extraordinary circumstances,
  • the place of the individual in society, and
  • what happens when individuals do not follow their own choices and instead blindly follow society’s expectations 


Noemi Schlosser (born 1978) studied under Tony Award-winning director Ivo van Hove at the Antwerp Conservatory in Belgium. After graduating in 2001, Schlosser worked as a freelance actress in both theatre (winning Edinburgh Festival with Ontroerend Goed) as musicals.

Simultaneously she started her own theatre company “Salomee Speelt” where she produced, wrote, directed, and acted for over a decade in Europe, Israel, and in the United States. She was supported by the Flemish Government, the European Union, and private investors.

Her Off-Broadway debut in 2011 with ‘MOSCOW-NEW YORK’ (inspired by the life and work of Isaac B. Singer) got her a year-long residency in Chicago with ShPieL, with the support of Lookingglass theatre. After her American adventure, she decided to focus on directing and became part of the independent traveling opera company called ‘The Ministry of Operatic Affairs’ based in Belgium together with Korneel Hamers and Bart Van Reyn.

In 2016 she started a historical documentary called “THE YOUTH OF 1948”, interviewing over 70 people. This documentary series focuses on the ‘little’ stories which didn’t make the history books and aim to be finished for the 75th anniversary of Israel. Following her Aliyah in 2017, Noemi joined the Israeli Opera to where she will return after her maternity leave. Schlosser also teaches at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.


1997-2001            Master Dramatic Arts Conservatorium Antwerp Hoger Herman Teirlinck Institute Theatre Dora van der Groen where she graduated cum laude under Ivo van Hove in 2001.

2000-2001            Master Theater Director Pedagogical degree



At Present            THE YOUTH OF 1948



Schlosser directs, performs, (sometimes writes), and produces the productions internationally.

2015                     DATE ME TLV COMEDY, Israel

2015                     TRAKTORFABRIK American Premiere NYC

2014                     TRAKTORFABRIK Belgian Premiere and international tour

2013                     Yes, we have no bananas Belgian Premiere Antwerp,

2012                     Yes, we have no bananas French Premiere Paris

2012                     Andromac/Racine Chicago

2012                     Sound of Silence/Cocteau Chicago

2011                     La Musica/Duras Chicago

2011                     Date Me Chicago

2011                     MOSCOW-NEW YORK American Premiere NYC

2009                     MOSCOW-NEW YORK Belgian Premiere

2009                      Hollywood Belgium

2008                      Franny and Zooey

2008                     Jewish Humor Nights Belgium

2007                      DATE ME!

2007                     Transit/Cocteau Belgium

2007                     Alice in A Belgium

2007                     Walk on Bye/ Burt Bacharach big band concert Belgium

2004                     Le Bel Indifferent/Cocteau Belgium


2007                      Alice in A

2008                      DATE ME! Belgium

2008                       Franny and Zooey

2009                       Hollywood

2009                       MOSCOW-NEW YORK

2011                        DATE ME! Chicago

2014                        TRAKTORFABRIK

2015                        DATE ME! TLV

2021                        The four seasons of Hester Street


2022                    L'Enfant et les Sortileges/ Ravel for the Buchmann Mehta School of Music (with Yulia Pevzer)

2021                    Two Madcap Parisian Operettas/ Offenbach & Chabrier for the Jerusalem Opera

2019                     La Colombe/Gounod  for the Jerusalem Opera

2017                     La Bohème/Puccini for Israel Jerusalem Academy

2011                     Transit /mixed works Theatre Witt Chicago for Salomee Speelt

2007                     Le Bel indifferent/Cocteau +La Dame de Monte Carlo/Poulenc for Raamtheater Belgium


Schlosser works as assistant director and stage director Belgian collaborative opera company

2016                     Acis and Galatea /Handel

2016                     Dido and Aeneas/Purcell

2015                     Cosi fan Tutte/Mozart

2014                     Orpheo and Eurydice/Gluck

2013                     Don Giovanni/Mozart

ISRAELI OPERA as assistant director

2022                   Aida/ Verdi  - Livathinos

2022                    Pagliacci/ Leoncavallo - Creation Inbal Pinto

2022                    Traviata/ Verdi - Creation Talevi

2022                    Onegin/ Tchaikovsky

2021                     Magic Flute / Mozart - Barry Kosky

2020                     Il Barbiere di Siviglia/Rossini - Creation Martin Lyngbo

2019                     Dead Man walking /Heggie

2018                     Don Giovanni/Mozart

2017                     La Boheme/Puccini


2008                     Jewish Culture Year of the Province of Antwerp


2003-9                  The smile off your face/Ontroerend Goed Winner Edinburgh Festival

2002-7                  Barre Weldaad, GHB, Donna Quichot

2006                     Oliver Twist (Nancy) Music Hall Belgium

2005                     Proof (Catherine) Raamtheater Belgium

2003                     Flikken VRT television Belgium

2003                     Chris and Co VTM television Belgium


2022                    Tsitsit Festival UK

2012                     Assistant to Mme Lefevre, Artistic director Opera Garnier Paris, on American tour 2012

2011                     Representative of Belgian Culture Ministry tour USA

2008                     Le bel Indifferent Morocco

2003-09                The Smile off your face international tours with Ontroerend Goed Winner Edinburgh Festival


Shpiel, theatre of Jewish Identity, Chicago with Lookingglass Theatre
Arenbergschouwburg Antwerp


2013                     TheaterTreffen Berliner Festspiele Festival Berlin

2013                     Asylum Art Retreat NYC

2013                     Masterclass Jan Fabre/Troubleyn Belgium

2011                     Finalist Operare Berlin

2011                     Paideia Sweden

2011                     ROI Community

BOARD MEMBER at present

American Jewish Theatre Association European and the Middle East representative
European and the Middle East representative for the League of Professional Women in the Theatre



2022                        Buchmann Mehta School of Music Tel Aviv University

2017 -2019              Academia Le Musica Jerusalem University

TEACHING THEATRE (privately at present)

2001-08               Teaching theatre in Belgium institutions

2011                     Masterclasses at Lookingglass Theatre Chicago -

2012                     Masterclasses UCLA

2012                     Lecturer LeMood Montreal



The professional gap in 2018-19 was the pregnancy and extended maternity leave for my daughter EmmanuElle.

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